Anna’s Art

Unstoppable Waves of the Ocean

Anna is best described as a spiritually-inspired watercolor artist. She has been drawing and painting for more than twenty years.

The result of her dedication is a large body of artwork, mainly inspired by the bhakti-yoga tradition of ancient India.

Her artwork has been featured in several books. She was the illustrator for “The Peaceable Forest” by Kosa Ely, published by Insight Editions, a division of Mandala Publishing and also “Prince Rama: Son of the Solar Dynasty” by Vrinda Sheth, Torchlight Publishing, 2011.

Her most recent ink and watercolor illustrations will be published in August of this year in “Shadows of the Sun Dynasty,” Mandala Publishing, 2016. This is the first part of the “Sita’s Fire” trilogy, all based on the Indian classic epic, the “Ramayan.” Find out more about the trilogy by visiting “”

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